Andrea Marsden

Maiden of Honor, bestie since elementary school, world Jetblue traveler, athlete + sports fan and always ready for a party.

Jillian Hall Wright

Maiden of Honor, co-conspirator since high school, dancer in all parts of life, unfailing pug lover and arts administrative wiz.

Anastasia Shown

Sister of the groom, musical lover, educator, African continent enthusiast and brilliant new mom to nephew baby Samson Marvin.

Patrick Shown

Best Man, little brother of the groom, resident funny guy, all around “winner” and certainly the tallest guy at this wedding.

Kevin Hoskins

Big brother of the bride, ardent Boston Celtics fan and has the most extensive music knowledge (and collection) of anyone around.

Sean Hoskins

Brother of the bride, modern dancer and choreographer, a newlywed himself and a perennial ace
bowling champ.