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There ended up being about 15 of us -most transplants – many from the east coast and a few from the midwest, all ready to eat. We fashioned 4 tables down the center of our gracious host Jason’s living room and waited for the deep friend turkey and the Tur-duc-hen to cook. Everyone brought their families traditional dishes running the gamut from green beans to fire roasted sweet potatoes. Ben & I were complete with a Celebration Loaf from Field Roast, which surprisingly stood up well at dinner and for “turkey” sandwiches the next day.

We missed being with our families but this was the perfect substitute.

Check out ben’s sweet postcard viewer.

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Hurtin' and Flirtin' Once in a blue moon you come home from a concert completely elated with the performance, the crowd and the venue. Last night was one of those nights with John Doe and Kathleen Edwards at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard. The night was set in a non-traditional format with the duo performing three songs, then Kathleen performing solo, then John and then back together in the end.

The former X frontman and the Canadian songbird have the kind of chemistry you can’t force. Their banter suggested that their friendship is deep rooted, bordering on mutual adoration. Their voices moved seamlessly together, Doe stable and Edwards sweet and both equally strong. Choice songs from Edwards recently released Asking for Flowers such as “Run” and “I Make the Dough and You Get the Glory” were hailed by the elated crowd of 30 and 40-somethings.

The most entertaining part of the evening was when the duo explained the process of naming their tour. Doe claiming to want to call the tour “We’re not f******” and Edwards responding with “We’re not f******, Yet. As that would not have gone over well on the poster, they choose the “Hurtin’ and Flirtin’ Tour”.

Toward the end of their two-hour, all-acoustic set, which flew by, Edwards and Doe performed a touching version of “The Golden State,” a soaring Doe-penned ditty that Eddie Vedder and Corin Tucker recently covered. Hopefully this duo will choose to work together in the future because any performer would be lucky to find an equal counterpart.

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Here's Where We Went [1]


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Its only slightly damp here [1] We’ve been in Seattle for almost a month and its been a series of ups and downs for me. Follow me along the path….

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Route 101 [1] Last week Ben and I spent 3 nights camping on the California and Oregon coast en route to Seattle. Here are some pics including Giant Redwoods, banana slugs and beautiful coastlines.

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