Kristen Frances Hoskins and Benjamin Kyle Shown met in 2005 at MASS MoCA in the wonderful town of North Adams, Massachusetts. Kristen was a sassy staff member and Ben was a fresh-faced design intern. Quickly they found each other’s soul mates in discussing the merits of 90s emo and Boston rock and roll. They have been together ever since – living in different cities, attending grad school, traveling cross country, and around the world together. They look forward to a life full of travel, passion, art, typography, and love. Thank you for supporting them in this journey.

Take a look at an old incarnation of, Kristen and Ben’s travel blog from their 2008 trip across the country as they moved from Boston to Seattle: Landlocked Lovers 1.0

Ben and Kristen both hail from Landlocked states with no ocean borders. Ben, Indiana, the birthplace of the King of Pop. Kristen, Vermont, the birthplace of Ben & Jerry’s and top shelf maple syrup.